Run Discoverer with Local NLS

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Week Of: 2022-06-19

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The problem

Sometime you have some problems with your NLS_LANG definition. It can be because either you havn't the permission to change or you don't want to change it in the Registry(-REGEDID).
So, here is how you can change the NLS_LANG and start the app only for the current run of the specific application.

For example

I want to run the Oracle Discoverer Administrator with the NLS_LANG=HEBREW_ISRAEL.IW8ISO8859P8

Step 1: copy the application's path

Right click on the shortcut of the application > properties
and copy the value of the "Target" Text-Box as is.

Step 2: Create text file

Right click (in the folder you want to locate the shortcut) > New > Text Document

insert to the text file the rows as below:

<Path for the .exe of the application>

for example:


Step 3: Save as .bat file

Go to the file > save as

File Name: change as you wish but change the file type from .txt to .bat
Save as type: All types (*.*)


Double click on the .bat file you just created and the application will run while the NLS_LANG will change temporary and locally to the value you've defined