Azure Devops

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Azure Devops

It can be handle using the Azure CLI


title: Overall look at the directory structure

This image shows a big-picture look at the directory structure after one complete run of the pipeline.
Alt Text

Summary of when each directory is used

Most of this information, though publicly available on the Microsoft docs, is not very intuitive to a beginner. I hope that this table summarizes the usage of the most relevant directories.

Directory Uses References
/a This is the working director for agent a. Agent.WorkFolder
/a/1/a Artifact staging directory. This is where the VS Build task results are stored in. The publish build artifacts task creates an artifact of whatever is in this folder. Note - it gets purged before each new build. Build.StagingDirectory, System.ArtifactsDirectory, Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory
/a/1/b The output folder for compiled binaries. Build.BinariesDirectory
/a/1/s Source directory. This is the working directory and where your source code is stored. Build.SourcesDirectory, System.DefaultWorkingDirectory