Obsidian - How to Set LTR Area Within RTL Note

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Multi language-directions in the same note


Almost every obsidian user who writes in RTL language(like Hebrew and Arabic) aware of this problem: you want to write the note in your Right To Left language using the outstanding plug-in called "RTL Support". Yet, when you want to change the page direction, it affected the entire note, even you've some parts in the document that you want them to display in LTR direction(like code, some English quote etc. ).
The "RTL Support" plug-in changes the direction in the <Body> section, while this workaround will takes care of the option of changing the direction in the <div> level.


Step 1: Install Admonition plug-in

Note: this guide assume the plug-in RTL Support already installed on your Obsidian vault.

Go to Settings > Community Plugins > Browse

Type in "Admonition" in the search box then click "Install"
When the installation will be completed, go to and turn the "Admonition" plugin on

Alternatively, you can install this plugin using the guide in the Admonition's repository

Step 2: Adding new Admonition

Go to Settings > Plugin Options: Admonition


Then click on "Add New"

In the next window insert the details of the new admonition:

  • Admonition Type: the name of this admonition (later you'll use this name).
  • Admonition Icon: you can chose some icon from the icons list that will be displayed on the header line of the admonition box.
  • Color: the color of the frame and the title's background

Then click the "✔" symbol.

Step 3: Customize the new Admonition's CSS

Open the directory of your Obsidian's vault.
Open the file (using some text editor):
add the code:

.admonition-<your Admonition Type>{

In my case it'll be:

Then save and restart your Obsidian

Step 4: Use the customized Admonition

In your none Insert a Code Block with the format:

```ad-<Admonition Type>
title: <your_title>

your content..

In my case :

title: Example for using RESTful API to push .md file to OP's GIT

TFS Basic Auth
Before any push, the oldObjectId should be taken:
curl -D- \
-u yakiki@openu.ac.il:<MY TOKEN> \
-X GET \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
"<base path>/_apis/git/repositories/PBackup/refs?api-version=4.1"