Menu Entry in EBS that Redirect to APEX

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Week Of: 2022-09-11

How to create menu entry in EBS that redirect to APEX with global parameters

• Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 or above
• Oracle E-Business Suite Patch 9659153:R12.FND.B {Go to My Oracle

Support Patches & Updates:}

• Oracle Database or above • Oracle Application Express 3.2 or

With Oracle E-Business Suite 11i you can redirect to Oracle Application
Express by creating a webenabled mod_plsql procedure. However, with
Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 this integration must be implemented
on the Oracle E-Business Suite Application Server as a Java Server Page
(JSP). Oracle E-Business Suite provides a way of configuring URLs to
Oracle Application Express and will create the necessary JSP based on
the defined parameters. This configuration requires setting an Oracle
E-Business Suite profile option (FND: APEX URL) to contain the APEX
Listener host name, and defining Oracle E-Business Suite functions that
point to the actual APEX pages. Update the FND: APEX URL profile option
with the correct setting at the site level using the

  1. Log in to Oracle E-Business Suite with the SYSADMIN user

  2. Navigate to the System Administrator responsibility > Profile >System menu option

  3. Search for Profile %APEX%, click Find For profile FND: APEX URL enter on Site level the APEX server path (ex : http://:8080/apex )

  4. Save the profile

Perform the following steps to define the Oracle E-Business Suite

  1. Navigate to the System Administrator responsibility > Application> Function menu option

  2. For calls to the page without responsibility, create a function with the following details:

  • Function: APEX_DEMO_1
  • User Function Name: Update User Email (Without Responsibility)

Form function window| 70%
HTML Call:

GWY.jsp?targetAppType=APEX& p=: :::::

For example, if you want link to Oracle Application Express application 101, Page 2 use:

GWY.jsp?targetAppType=APEX&p=101:2**, all other parameters are optional}

Web HTML tab | 70%

4. For calls to the page with responsibility create a function with the
following details

  • Function: APEX_DEMO_2
  • User Function Name: Update User Email (Using Responsibilities)
  • Type: JSP HTML Call:

5. Save the functions