Oracle Fusion - Sync BIP Refresh Time

| 1 min read

How to Disable Caching and Reduce Refresh Time for BIP Notifications and Print Reports?

The BIP reports are saved in the server cache for a while (usually 24 hours).

In order to call always the most recent version of the report from the server, you have to navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Manage Administrator Profile Values and set the following profile options as below:

BIP_CLIENT_REFRESH_TIME ==> set it to 15

After changing these values, you have to wait 15 minutes before retesting.

Please do not set these values to less than 15 minutes because this could cause performance issues.

If you don't find one of these profile options in Manage Administrator Profile Values, you have to create it first in "Manage Profile Options" and make it Enabled and Updatable at Site level. Then you can find it in Manage Administrator Profile Values to set the value as indicated above.

In order to improve the performance, immediately after finishing the tests, it is recommended to delete the Site-level values of all profile options mentioned above in order to allow the application to store the template in the cache for a longer time.