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PuTTY is a client program for the SSH on Windows OS.

Windows PuTTY Installer

We recommend to download Windows Installer with PuTTY utilities as:

  • Pageant (SSH authentication agent) - store private key in memory without need to retype a passphrase on every login
  • PuTTYgen (PuTTY key generator) - convert OpenSSH format of id_rsa to PuTTY ppk private key and so on and so forth

PuTTY - Connect to the Instance

  • Run PuTTY and enter Host name in format "login@Floating IP address" where login is for example debian for Debian OS and Floating IP is IP address to access instance from internet.
  • In Category -> Connection -> SSH -> Auth:
  • Return to Session page and Save selected configuration with Save button
  • Now you can log in using Open button
  • Enter passphrase for selected private key file if Pageant SSH authentication agent is not used
    • We recomend using Pageant SSH Agent to store private key in memory without need to retype a passphrase on every login

Pageant SSH Agent

  • Run Pageant from Windows menu
  • Locate Pageant icon in the Notification Area and double click on it
  • Use Add Key button
  • Browse files and select your PuTTY Private Key File in format ppk
  • Use Open buton
  • Eter passphrase and confirm OK button
  • Your private key is now located in the memory without need to retype a passphrase on every login

PuTTY key Generator

PuTTYgen is the PuTTY key generator. You can load in an existing private key and change your passphrase or generate a new public/private key pair or convert to/from OpenSSH/PuTTY ppk formats.

Convert OpenSSH format to PuTTY ppk format

  • Run PuTTYgen, in the menu Conversion -> Import key browse and load your OpenSSH format id_rsa private key using your passphrase
  • Save PuTTY ppk private key using button Save private key, browse destination for PuTTY format id_rsa.ppk and save file

Convert PuTTY ppk private key to OpenSSH format

  • Run PuTTYgen, in the menu File -> Load private key browse and open your private key in format PuTTY ppk using your passphrase
  • In the menu Conversion -> Export OpenSSH key browse destination for OpenSSH format id_rsa and save file

Change Password for Existing Private Key Pair

  • Load your existing private key using button Load, confirm opening using your passphrase
  • Enter new passphrase in field Key passphrase and confirm again in field Confirm passphrase
  • Save changes using button Save private key

Generate a New Key Pair

  • Start with Generate button
  • Generate some randomness by moving your mouse over dialog
  • Wait while the key is generated
  • Enter a comment for your key using "your-email@address"
  • Enter key passphrase, confirm key passphrase
  • Save your new private key in the "id_rsa.ppk" format using the Save private key button
  • Save the public key with the Save public key button